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Help Centre - Ticket Purchasing

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Friends & Family allows you to link other fans to your account, in turn allowing you to purchase tickets for them on their behalf, in a single transaction, allowing all tickets to be alongside each other. You will need the customer number, surname and postcode off any fan you are trying to add to your Friends & Family. Once you have these details you can access the Friends & Family section via the 'My Account' link in the top blue menu bar of the site. Once you have added Friends & Family they will remain linked to your account until you decide to remove them. When purchasing tickets before general sale, you will then be able to allocate additional ticket purchases to your Friends & Family before the checkout stage of your transaction.

You can purchase tickets on other people's behalf; however for an away match you will only be allowed to purchase one ticket per membership/season ticket, per person, until the tickets become available on general sale. Due to this you will need to link each extra ticket purchased to its intended recipient. This allows the ticketing system to check that all tickets being purchased have the required level of membership for the date of purchase. To link other people's details to your account, please see 'What is 'Friends and Family'?' Please note: A season ticket holder can purchase an additional 4 tickets for a home match without needing to allocate each one to an individual customer account.

If you are buying on a priority period date, please ensure all of the people you are buying for hold at least that level of priority. The system will only allow each member/season ticket holder to purchase one ticket per membership in these priority sales periods. You can however link your friends and family members to your account to enable you to buy tickets on their behalf. Please see 'What is Friends & Family'?' to see instructions on how to do this. You should then be able to purchase more than one ticket. If your friends and family are not members or season ticket holders you will need to wait until general sale to purchase tickets together.

If the people you would like to buy tickets for cannot remember their customer number, they need to contact the Customer Service Team to obtain this 'see 'I can't find/don't remember my customer number. Where can I get this?' for details. You can then link them to your account via Friends & Family and continue the purchase. If the people you are buying tickets for are brand new customers they will not have a customer number. Due to this they will also not be a season ticket holder or club member. You should buy tickets for these people on general sale where only one customer number is needed to purchase multiples of tickets.

In order to ensure we are fairly selling tickets to fans that have purchased a membership or season ticket we have to check each fans details when selling on priority sales dates. The system can automatically recognise customer numbers which are eligible on non-eligible to purchase on priority dates. If you are purchasing prior to tickets going on general sale, we need to take details off you to check whether the fan (a) has the necessary level of membership required, and, (b) hasn't already purchased a ticket themselves.

All tickets are released for sale over a priority purchase scheme. If you are being told that you need to purchase a 'pre-requisite' product before purchasing your ticket then the ticketing system is identifying that the customer number you have logged in with doesn't have the necessary level of priority linked to it in order to purchase the ticket. If you are buying more than one ticket, all customer numbers used must have at least the level of membership priority required. Sales priority dates are listed on ITFC Direct. Priority sales start from 9:00am onwards on the dates listed.

Pre-requisite product message 'You must have purchased tickets previously with ITFC' - What does this mean?

Occassionally we have to put restrictions on who can buy tickets for certain matches when the Away Club have sold out of their allocation and the demand from their supporters is so high that they try to buy tickets in home areas.  Therefore for saftey reasons we will only sell to Ipswich supporters who have bought through us before and so have an account with us with purchase history. 

Gold and Silver Card memberships do not automatically renew. If you haven't purchased a new membership for the current season you will need to do so first. You can purchase these on ITFC Direct. Once purchased if you logout then back in again, the system will recognise your new membership purchase and allow you to purchase the tickets on that priority date.

If you are not a season ticket holder or club member you can buy tickets from the date shown against 'General Sale' in the sales priority list.

As a season ticket holder you can buy one away ticket and up to four home tickets whilst on priority sales. Once tickets move to general sale you can buy as many tickets as you would like.

Once you have placed the ticket into your basket you should see a dropdown menu with 'Adult' listed. If you click the downward arrow to the right of the word Adult you should see other prices available for selection. Simply click the price bracket you require. You will then need to click the 'update basket' button at the bottom of the page. This should then reflect a change in the price of the ticket.

Are you trying to purchase before 9:00am on the morning of the sales priority date? New priorities kick in from 9:00am. Please try after this time. If you are still having difficulties please contact the Customer Service Team on 03330 050503 or email

Away match tickets are removed from sale 48 hours prior to the matchday itself. We have a duty to return all unsold match tickets and a full sales reconciliation to the away club 24 hours before the match. We therefore have to remove these from sale prior to this to ensure we can meet these deadlines.

Yes, we sell travel coach tickets on the website too. On the top menu bar you will see a link titled 'Travel'. If you click this link you will see a list of the games we are currently taking travel bookings for. Click the relevant game/date and follow the on screen instructions. Coach travel tickets must be booked in the individual supporters names, 1 ticket per member. Please note: Fans can join/depart journey's using the A14 at Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket. Fans can join/depart journey's using the A12 at Mark's Tey. Fans wishing to utilise these pick-up points should speak to the Customer Service Team on 03330 05 05 03 for exact details and to confirm their requirements.  Requests for a pick up on route must be made before midday on the Wednesday prior to a Saturday fixture and before midday on a Friday prior to a Tuesday night fixture.

All home match ticket prices can be seen here with away match prices and sale details here

You will need to call the Customer Service Team on 03330 05 05 03 before 4pm on the Friday before the match (Saturday match) or midday on the Tuesday for a midweek match.  Your ticket details will then be forwarded to the Away club for a reprint to be arranged for collection.

No, all tickets pre-purchased can can be sent by post, if purchased up to 48 hours before the matchday. Alternatively all home match tickets can also be printed out at home. This can be done at any time. If you choose 'Print at Home' fulfilment option upon purchasing you will be sent a confirmation email and a second email with an attached PDF file. You will need to print the PDF file and bring this to the game. This is your match ticket.

Are you looking to buy tickets for a home game within the next 48 hours? In this case you will not be able to get your tickets posted out to you in time. You have the option to 'Print at Home' as the fulfilment method. By choosing this method you will receive a confirmation email containing a PDF attachment. This is your match ticket. Print this and bring it along to the game with you. It will be scanned on the turnstiles to give you access to the stadium.