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Help Centre - Registration & Login

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Help Centre - Registration & Login

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You will need to register an account with if you have never bought anything from the club at all, including memberships, tickets, football training etc. By registering with the website you will be allocated a customer number. You will need a customer number in order to purchase tickets and other products from us. If you have bought tickets from the club in your name before you will have a customer number. If you need to find this out, please contact with your full name and address.

To register an account with you need to click the 'Register' link on the blue menu bar at the top of the homepage. This link will take you to a registration page where you need to complete the necessary details before clicking the 'Register' button at the bottom of the page. Please ensure you read and accept the site Terms & Conditions. Should any details be missing from the page, you will be asked to complete these before the registration process is completed.

Your customer number is unique to you. It allows us to assign memberships, season tickets, ticket sales information against your account. It also helps us to easily identify your personal details.

Please do not create a new account if it is possible that your details are already on our database, even if it is at a previous address. By creating a new account the ticketing system will not recognise your original memberships and this could lead to you not being able to purchase tickets until the general sale priority date.

Your customer number is displayed on the reverse of your membership/season card if you have one. If you are not a member or season card holder you find your customer number on a printed home match ticket. If you don't have one of these to hand, our Customer Service Team are more than happy to assist you to retrieve your details. Call 03330 050503 or email

If you are a season ticket holder or member you will have a customer number. If you have not logged into our system before you will need to use the default password setting; this is your postcode, in capitals, with no spaces. It is recommended that all users change their password in the 'My Account' tab after their first login.