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Any promotions offered on this website may be exclusive to this website; they are not necessarily available via our stores and vice versa.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all ticketing promotions:

  • If you receive a free item, you are not able to exchange it for the full value of the product or an exchange unless the item is faulty.
  • Promotions are always subject to stock availability.
  • Any promotions or sales featured on this website are also subject to any specific terms and conditions that we wish to apply.
  • Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with one another unless specifically stated.



1. All Match tickets issued to Ipswich Town Football Club Limited ("ITFC") Box Holders and their visitors, Suite Occupants and their visitors, or to purchasers of individual matches and Season Ticket holders ("Match Ticket Holder") and purchasers of match hospitality are issued subject to the rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA, The Football Association and The Football Association Premier League Limited in respect of the Match and the Ground Regulations.

2. The use of the Match tickets in any way and/or the use of any part to enter the Stadium constitutes acceptance by the Match Ticket Holder of these Conditions of Issue and of such rules and regulations as referred to in paragraph 1 and Ground Regulations and ITFC reserves the right for ITFC by any ITFC steward or official and/or for any police officer to refuse admission or eject from the Stadium any person who fails to comply with the same in respect of any Match.

3. The Match tickets admit the Match Ticket Holder to the Ground. The Match Ticket Holder is the person who purchased the ticket or someone for whom the ticket has been specifically purchased, with the purchaser having responsibility for the behaviour of the user of the ticket. The re-sale of tickets at above the face value of the ticket is strictly prohibited and any Match tickets offered for sale may be confiscated by any steward or officer of ITFC or any police officer.

4. Save only as set out at paragraph 5, no person (other than a person who holds an appropriate licence) may bring into the Stadium or use within the Stadium any equipment which is capable of recording or transmitting (by digital or any other means) any audio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data in relation to the Match or the Stadium. Copyright in any unauthorised recording or transmission is assigned (by way of present assignment of future copyright pursuant to section 91 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988) to ITFC.

5. Mobile telephones are permitted within the Stadium provided that they are used for personal and private use only and in any event only for the purpose of transmission and/or reception of voice data only not being commentary upon the Match in progress.

6. The Match Tickets permit the Match Ticket Holder to occupy the seat designated upon the Match Ticket or such other alternative seat of equal value to the said seat as ITFC may allocate to the Match Ticket Holder at its reasonable discretion or any other seat to which the Suite Occupant or Suite Visitors are directed by any ITFC steward or officer or any police officer at the Match only on production of the Match ticket at the appropriate entrance.

7. The Match tickets will remain the property of ITFC at all times and as such must be produced if requested by any official, steward or employee of ITFC or any police officer. ITFC reserves the right to retain the Match tickets at any time.

8. In the event of any or all Match tickets being forgotten or lost in respect of any individual Match ITFC shall not be obliged to issue any other form of replacement ticket to the said Match.

9. Any deliberate misuse of the Match tickets including any attempt of any nature which in ITFC's reasonable opinion constitutes an attempt to defraud ITFC will result in the Match Ticket Holder being ejected from the Stadium in respect of the Match with no refund being payable. ITFC further reserves its right to take any legal action against any appropriate persons as it sees fit in connection with such matters.

10. Further and without prejudice to any other rights it may have ITFC shall have the right in the case of any serious breach or persistent breach of these Conditions of Issue and/or of the rules and regulations and/or Ground Regulations by the Match Ticket Holder to cancel and withdraw any or all Match tickets with no refund being payable to the Match Ticket Holder. Without prejudice to the general nature of the above the following actions by the Match Ticket Holder shall constitute serious breach of the said Conditions of Issue and/or rules and regulations and/or Ground Regulations entitling ITFC to take such action including but not limited to ejection from the Stadium in respect of the Match Ticket Holder
          10.1 smoking in any area of the Stadium.
          10.2 persistent standing in seated areas whilst the Match is in progress

11. In the event that any Match Ticket Holder of the Match tickets is ejected from the Stadium pursuant to these Conditions of Issue the names and identifying details and/or photographs of any such Match Ticket Holder (including but not limited to any material being personal data as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998) may be passed to the police and/or such other appropriate authority as ITFC sees fit.



Please read carefully. If these conditions are not accepted fully then the Season Ticket Card should be returned intact immediately.

1. General Conditions

1.1 The Season Ticket Card identifies the season ticket holder and their seat details. This information is linked through to the Club’s ticketing database using the unique barcode printed on each card.

1.2 This Season Ticket card is issued subject to the rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA, The Football Association, The Premier League and The Football League in respect of the relevant competition and Ipswich Town F.C. Ltd. Ground Regulations. Use of the card is also subject to the ITFC TeamCard Terms and Conditions.

1.3 All matches are played in accordance with the relevant rules of the appropriate football governing body. Play cannot be guaranteed to take place at a particular time or day and the Club reserves the right to alter its advertised fixtures without notice or liability.

1.4 The Club reserves the right to withdraw and cancel this Season Ticket card, without reimbursement, in the event that the holder’s behaviour is unlawful or is found to be in breach of the Ground Regulations of ITFC.

1.5 This Season Ticket card admits the holder to matches at Portman Road covering all Football League or Premier League matches. The holder must hand this card to the turnstile operator for entry into the stadium and to any ITFC official on request whilst in the stadium.

1.6 The Club permits the holder of this Season Ticket card to allow another supporter to use this card and its associated seat if they are unable to attend a match. The other supporter using this card must be of the same price band category as the holder of the card. Furthermore the holder of this Season Ticket is responsible for ensuring that any person using their Season Ticket observes these conditions and the Ground Regulations of ITFC. Failure to do so will entitle the Club to withdraw and cancel the Season Ticket without reimbursement.

1.7 All spectators wishing to access the stadium require a valid ticket.

1.8 All season ticket holders who are 13 years or younger must be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.
1.9 The Club reserves the right, at any time without notice, to move Season Ticket holders to alternative seats for any reason Including but not limited  to comply with any F.A., Premier League, Football League or UEFA regulations or on the recommendations of the police or licensing of safety authority.

2. Concessions & Offer Terms

2.1 For safety reasons the Club do not sell season tickets, nor allow access, in lower tiers of the stadium, to children under the age of 5 years, including but not limited to “babes-in-arms”. The child must be 5 years old upon the date of the first home league match to qualify for a seat in the lower tier of the stadium. Children under the age of 5 years are welcome, however; the Club will only sell tickets, or allow access, in middle or upper tiers up to the age of 5 years.

2.2 All concession priced season ticket applications must be supported by a valid proof of age/proof of disability documents. The season card will be withheld and will not be fulfilled until proof of age/disability documentation has been verified by Ipswich Town Football Club.  
2.3 Season Tickets purchased after the Early Bird period, for the 2019/20 season, will be subject to an increased price at either Football League Championship or Football League One rates.

2.4 Season ticket purchases (whether full, half or part) made using the Club’s interest-free direct debit payment option are automatically renewed as a full season ticket each season, using the same customer and seat details, at the new season’s Early Bird price. Supporters not wishing to have their season ticket renewed should inform the Club in writing prior to the Early Bird deadline. Upon receipt of this request the Club will then cancel the season ticket and any direct debit instructions associated with it.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have funds in your account to honour the commitment you have made. In the event of any cheques or direct debits not being honoured upon presentation by the club, an administration fee of £20 per transaction will be incurred. Season tickets will be deactivated until payment has been received in full settlement.

2.5 The Club reserves the right to non-renew any season ticket due to changes, including but not limited to, pricing and stadium/stand layout or use. The Club will use reasonable endeavours to inform season ticket holders of these changes and subsequent available options.

2.6 Season tickets issued within those areas designated as ‘Family Areas’ must comply with the Club’s adult:junior ratio. This ratio is no more than 2 adults to 1 junior. A junior (U19) must be present in order to purchase an adult ticket(s) within these areas. There is no limit on the number of junior tickets which can be purchased in these areas. Should you be seated within a ‘Family Area’ at a stage where your party no longer fulfil the correct ratio criteria, you will be required to move from this area.

3. Upgrades, Refunds & Cancellations

3.1 Upgrades of season tickets can be obtained at the Club’s Planet Blue store or through the Ticket Enquiries team on 03330 050503 prior to a match day, or, from the Ticket Office on a match day. Season Ticket downgrades are not permitted.

3.2 Price band upgrades of season tickets are closely monitored. The club reserves the right to withdraw and cancel a season ticket which is believed to have been obtained with the intention to upgrade for the majority of games within a season.

3.3 Purchasing a ticket, using the required identification, with a view to ‘reserving’ a seat or keeping a seat unused is a breach of the ‘Conditions of Issue for Season Tickets’. In this circumstance the club reserve the right to cancel the season ticket, at any time, which is identified as consistently not attending matches at the stadium.

3.4 All refunds, full or partial, for Season Tickets which are cancelled will be at the Club’s discretion. Supporters must apply in writing stating the reason for the request and enclosing any supporting facts.

3.5 Refunds are not offered against Season Tickets which are requested to be cancelled mid-season by the Season Ticket holder.

3.6 Replacement Season Ticket cards will be subject to an administration charge of £10. There will also be an administration charge of £10 for moving your Season Ticket seat during the league season.

3.7 Should a Season Ticket holder who is attending a match forget or mislay their season ticket card, to gain entry to the stadium they must contact the Ticket Enquiries Office at the stadium. A paper ticket will be issued for the match and the holder’s card will be switched off for that match. There will be a £5 administration charge for this service. Refunds will not be permitted against tickets purchased in any other manner.

3.8 Ipswich Town Football Club reserve the right to charge a £15 fee to cancel a season ticket, including a Direct Debit scheme payment plan, to cover administration costs incurred by the Club.

4. Cup Competitions & Non-Standard League Match Conditions

4.1 Under Football League and F.A. regulations the Club may have to provide 15% of the stadium to away supporters for cup and play-off matches. This is most likely to affect Season Ticket holders in blocks A, B, C & E of the Cobbold Stand and also the whole of the lower tier of the Cobbold stand. The Club reserves the right at any time to change the areas used for this allocation. The Club will use reasonable endeavours to inform season ticket holders as soon as arrangements are agreed with the away club.

4.2 Under Premier League regulations the Club must provide a minimum of 3,000 tickets or 10% of the stadium capacity (if under 30,000) to the opposition club. Should promotion to the Premier League occur, after the commencement of the Early Bird period or other sales periods, the Club reserve the right to relocate season ticket holders sat within areas of the stadium that are required for this use. The club will use reasonable endeavours to inform season ticket holders as soon as these areas are confirmed and will endeavour to relocate supporters to like-for-like seats within other areas of the stadium, however the Clubs decision will be final in all relocation matters.

4.3 The Club reserves the right, at any time without notice, to move Season Ticket holders to alternative seats in order to comply with any other F.A., Premier League, Football League or UEFA regulations or on the recommendations of the police or licensing of safety authority regarding allocations of tickets to away supporters.

5. Unforeseen Circumstances & Club Policies

5.1 In the event of construction, development or maintenance work being carried out in any part of the stadium, the Club reserves the right to move Season Ticket holders in the affected area to another area. Wherever possible the Club will use their reasonable endeavours to relocate to an equivalent area.

5.2 In the event of unforeseen circumstances affecting any part of the stadium, the Club reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to move Season Ticket holders in the affected area to another area.

5.3 Only in exceptional circumstances will re-admission to a match be permitted.

5.4 Any spectators who persistently stand in a seated area will be liable to ejection from the ground and receive a stadium ban from future games. Stadium bans may also apply to away matches.

5.5 All of the stadium and stadium buildings and grounds are strictly non-smoking areas and any spectator that is found smoking or using an e-Cigarette, within the stadium or stadium buildings, will be liable to be ejected from the ground.

5.6 Any spectator ejected from the ground, or arrested for a football related offence will also be liable to receive a stadium ban from future games and no refunds will be given.

5.7 Fraudulent use of the Season Ticket cards will result in offenders being subject to a stadium ban and no refunds will be given.

5.8 Mobile telephone usage for telephony is permitted within the stadium provided that it is used for personal and private use only.

5.9 Holding a Club Season Ticket confirms that the supporter has allowed Season Ticket holder information on the Club’s database to be used by the Club’s group companies, and passed to select third parties, to assist in communicating products and services which may be of interest to the Season Ticket holder by letter, phone, fax (inc. automated dialling), email or other electronic means. If the customer wishes to stop receiving such information please inform the Club office in writing. For training and security purposes telephone calls may be recorded.

These conditions together with the Club’s Ground Regulations set out on the Club’s website or available at the Club’s Ticket Office constitutes the sole and exclusive contract hereby agreed between the parties, and supersedes all prior oral or written contracts, documents or other arrangements among them pertaining to the transactions contemplated in this contract. The parties agree that no express or implied representations, warranties or inducements have been made by any other party except as set forth in this contract. No amendments to this contract are allowed unless agreed in writing by the Club’s General Counsel. These Conditions of Issue for Season Ticket holders are subject to change and any revisions will be published on the Club website.


In these Terms and Conditions, “Away Match” shall mean a match played by the Club’s first team at a ground other than the Portman Road stadium, “Club” shall mean Ipswich Town Football Club Ltd, and “Travel” means to any travel to away games booked with or through the Club.

1. All passengers are reminded that they must comply with the following terms and conditions whilst travelling on the official Club coaches.

2. The Club allows supporters aged 16 and over to travel unaccompanied on the Club’s official travel to away fixtures. Those travelling on the coaches do so at their own risk and must behave in an acceptable manner or face a ban from being able to travel on the coaches provided by the Club in the future.

3. All Travel is non-transferable and non-refundable.

4. All timings are provisional and subject to change. However you will be advised as soon as possible of any major change. The Club cannot be held responsible or liable for any delays to your travel arrangements or for your costs if an Away Match is delayed or rescheduled.

5. The Club endeavours each coach to have a Club representative onboard. However the Club’s representative is not responsible for any passenger safety. The coach driver is responsible for the safety of passengers and their decision is final. It you are travelling with a pre-existing physical or mental medical condition you must ensure that you can do so in accordance with you medical practitioner advice and recommendations regarding your specific medical condition.

6. When travelling with the Club you must: a) carry your travel tickets at all time; b) have adequate insurance cover, which should cover you against unforeseen cancellation charges, medical costs incurred whilst away from home, personal liability claims, loss of money etc.; c) carry photographic ID; d) not smoke (including the use of electronic cigarettes); e) not carry alcohol (please be aware that this amounts to an offence under the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985); f) not carry any object capable of being construed or used an offensive weapon; and g) conduct yourself in a manner befitting a representative of the Club and not do anything or procure that anything be done which might bring the name or reputation of the Club into disrepute.

Failure to abide by these conditions will result in you not being allowed to travel by official Club arranged coach travel.

7. Passengers whom appear to be under the influence of alcohol may be refused travel by the Club representative or the Coach organisation’s representative.

8. The Club and the coach organisation recommend that no items are to be left on the coach. Any items that are left will be entirely at the owner’s risk. The Club and the coach organisation will not be liable for lost or stolen property.

9. Any passenger whom has been unwell on the coach will be responsible for the cleaning costs enforced by the coach organisation and depending on the circumstances may be refused on going travel.

10. The Club representative or the coach organisation’s representative has the authority to search any bags or belongings to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions. Refusal to be searched may result in your travel being refused.

11. Stopping for breaks is the Coach driver`s responsibility, they alone will make the decision. It is not the Club representative`s decision.

12. It is your responsibility to collect all of your belongings at the end of your journey.

13. The Club will not tolerate the following behaviour under any circumstances and persons behaving in such a manner will be ejected from the coach and will not be permitted to travel to future fixtures; a) Foul, abusive, threatening or unacceptable behaviour; b) The taking part in any chanting of an indecent, racist, bullying, homophobic, abusive discriminatory nature or obscene language; c) Acts in a manner detrimental, or likely to be detrimental to the Club.

The Club will also consider a ban from home games and from purchasing tickets for any fixtures in these circumstances

14. Coaches will depart promptly to and from an away game. We regret that we cannot wait for any late passengers and do not take responsibility for their welfare if they do not arrive on time for departure. All customers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the departure time or as directed by the coach organisation’s representative.

15. If a passenger is disabled and requires wheelchair assistance, please inform the ticket office clerk at the time of booking so that the necessary arrangements can be made with the coach organisation on your behalf.

16. If you have any questions about travelling on the Club’s official coaches, please contact the ticket office on 03330 050503 or email [email protected]

17. The Club hereby excludes and liability for loss, injury or damage to persons/property suffered during the Travel except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any negligence of the Club for the Club’s fraud or any other liability of the Club which cannot be excluded under applicable law.

18. Whilst we try to ensure that pricing and other information on our website is correct at all times, errors may occasionally occur. If we discover an error in the price or other information relating to the Travel you have booked, we will inform you as soon as possible, and give you the option of reconfirming your Travel at the correct price/specification or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you, we will unfortunately have to treat the Travel as cancelled. If the Travel is cancelled, we will of course provide you with a full refund (including any booking fees).