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Please Note: You will not be able to purchase before the dates below if you do not hold the correct membership level. In this instance, you will receive the message 'A pre-requisite product must be purchased prior to making your purchase'. View Priority Sales Dates

Opponent Competition  Date/Time Ultimate Members Silver Members Gold Members Season Ticket Holders General Sale
Blackpool League One Sat 23rd Nov Mon 28th Oct Tue 29th Oct Wed 30th Oct Fri 1st Nov Mon 4th Nov
Wycombe Wanderers League One Tue 26th Nov Mon 16th Sep Tue 17th Sep Wed 18th Sep Fri 20th Sep Mon 23rd Sep
Bristol Rovers League One Sat 14th Dec Mon 18 Nov Tue 19th Nov Wed 20th Nov Fri 22nd Nov  Mon 25th Nov
Gillingham League One Thu 26th Dec Wed 27 Nov Thu 28 Nov Fri 29th Nov Mon 2 Dec Wed 4 Dec

Struggling to purchase tickets? Click here to visit the Ticket Purchasing section of our Help Centre. For details of all matches currently on sale click here

If you purchase concession priced tickets you may be required to show proof of age on entry through the turnstiles.

Seats in the disabled areas are not sold online. Please contact our Disability Liaison line on 01473 400556 with purchasing requests in these areas.

Our online service is for Ipswich Town FC supporters only. If we suspect that tickets have been purchased by away supporters we reserve the right to retain tickets and refund the payment. We also reserve the right to use validation rules for this.

If you are unable to purchase tickets online please contact the Ticket Enquiries Team on 03330 050503 (local rate)

Please Note: The Club do not knowingly sell match tickets, in lower tiers of the stadium, to children under the age of 5 years. Click here for more information on this.

Please note: The Club do not knowingly sell match tickets, in lower tiers of the stadium, to children under the age of 5 years. This is a measure taken to reduce the potential for injury to our youngest fans, with direction and guidance recommended by health professionals, in regards to the potential trauma suffered upon impact of a flying football within the young. Fans under the age of 5 years are welcome, however; we can only sell tickets in middle or upper tiers until the child turns 5 years old. Should a ticket be purchased for an Under 5 in the lower tiers of the stadium it is highly likely that the family will be moved into a middle or higher tier for the match upon arrival at the stadium. Ipswich Town FC would therefore request that no tickets are purchased in the lower tiers for Under 5's.